Cattle Services

Looking for hay? Interested in expanding your farm with more livestock? We've got you covered! Here are some of our clients who can assist you!

Strobel Mfg.

Since 1946, the Strobel name has been synonymous with high quality, durable products that meet the needs of customers across the country and around the world. Throughout the last seven decades, “innovation” has been forefront – beginning with Leonard Strobel’s blacksmith shop in the early days to The Next Generation of farming, ranching and construction equipment. In 2008, Steve and Belinda launched Strobel Manufacturing (formerly Strobel Industries, Inc.). Their commitment to family and faith permeates every part of the company – serving and caring for the employees, the customer and the broader community in which they live. Today, the entire Strobel team remains committed not only to innovation, but also to the strong tradition of integrity, character and quality craftsmanship.

Urlacher Angus

Urlacher Angus Ranch was established first in the 1990’s by Gregg and is now owned and operated by Gregg and Mary Urlacher and our three kids Stetson, Bailey, and Stockton near Regent, ND. I started selling Angus bulls in the 90’s by private treaty and have now grown to selling two year old Black Angus bulls and females. We have annual sales the third Friday in January and a Spring turnout sale the first Monday in June every year in Bowman, ND at Bowman Auction Market. Our breeding program focuses on maternal and growth traits, while keeping positive carcass performance. We select bulls in the top of the Angus breed and use an extensive AI program, to strengthen these traits in our cow herd. We also strive to choose herd sires that not only improve our genetics but hold up over time the same way we expect our bulls to. We strive for longevity and productivity in both females and bulls. Our ranch consists of pasture land and farming acres where we put up most of our own feed, such as wheat, barley, grain corn, silage corn, millet hay, alfalfa hay, sorghum/sudan grass and native grass hay. We have developed a ration that utilizes our own feed that in conjunction with J & R Feeds allows our bulls to develop at an optimal 3 pound gain per day. We believe that a slow steady gain allows the bulls to maintain their feet to allow for long term use.
We hope you take the time to give us a call at (701) 824-4129 or (701) 290-4159 or stop on in to the Urlacher Angus Ranch.

Brown Bear Corporation

Brown Bear Corporation is a privately held manufacturing company that builds products for the environmental, pipeline, and utility industries. Trust the 30 years of experience at Brown Bear Corporation for answers to your environmental problems: composting, sludge drying, manure handling, bioremediation; or utility jobs: brush cutting, right-of-way clearing, tree trimming, backfilling and all-terrain transporting. We invite you to explore our pages and learn more about the benefits of owning a quality Brown Bear product.


JBM Manufacturing is an Ontario manufacturer of heavy-duty farm equipment, including a complete line of feeders, bale wagons and dump trailers. We’ve been farmers, and it’s our intent to provide our North American farmers with farm products that are farmer-friendly. Usable. Durable. Affordable.

Lewis Cattle Oilers

Heinrichs Cattle Co., LLC

Feed Train

Click here to editFeed Train's products are built to last and will save you time and money in the long run. If you plan on rising livestock as a business or hobby for more than a year or two you will realize the savings from our durable user-friendly products. your description

Iowa Concrete Products

Iowa Concrete has continuously made fundamental advances in the concrete feed bunk industry by combining standard concrete form methods with the easy to clean, sanitary surface of our patented plastic liner. This versatile system features a 36” wide liner that, when poured in place with a special blended adhesive, locks the sheet into the surface of the bunk. This results in a long lasting smooth surface for superior cattle comfort. Our patented bunk design is the only poured in place bunk liner on the market. You will not find another bunk that matches its superior longevity and toughness anywhere else!

Blue River IECP

Blue River stands behind their products and they are happy to make custom changes when needed. They specialize in livestock waterers, mailboxes, and flowerpots. If you need a custom product or color, just let them know.

Rawhide Processor

In 2002, John McDonald invented and designed the first ever hydraulic portable corral on wheels with multiple pens and a 200 head capacity. Since then they have expanded to multiple corral options and additional features including an increased capacity.

StockMan's Choice

StockMan's Choice products have been designed, developed and field tested by E. S. Martin Welding, Linwood, Ontario. Our goal is to provide you with premium products that effectively help you Master your Cattle.

EZ Trail, Inc.

Our commitment to provide products with high limits of performance and excellence may have selfish undertones. But it is also a desire to promote innovative new concepts that will contribute to the continuity of life on the family farm as we know it.